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About Wonky Om

The Wonky Om retreat catering dish
The Wonky Om community event

Hello! Here's a brief history to bring you up to date on my work since 2011. TAL Health Consulting evolved into The Wonky Om in 2017. Food, Movement, and Wellbeing are the cornerstones of my service delivery. However, ongoing learning and professional development naturally led me towards Yoga.

My belief in Yoga as a comprehensive healing system inspired me to replace Personal Training and Group Training as my primary movement offerings with the physical forms of Yoga to enhance my client's connection with their bodies.

Some things have remained unchanged. My Food Education Workshops still help people navigate nutrition with a common-sense, first-steps approach, and my Health Improvement Programs will help you break free from any rut you may be stuck in.


Nursing remains my 'side gig' (that's what I tell myself), and I continue to cook up a storm, catering for Yoga and Wellness Retreats.

The Wonky Om collaborates with businesses working to improve the health outcomes of our community, and together, we offer you the very best of our expertise. There is never a dull moment, and I genuinely adore the variety in my work.


Perhaps you and I will cross paths soon. Until then, advocate for your health and wellbeing, and take a moment to acknowledge that trusted mate inside you who always has your back!

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